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OH2FT, Joni
PA3BWD, Kees
DL5XAT, Holger
DF4NW, Willi
OE6MDF, Markus
PA2LO, Gerrit
OZ1CTK, Boye
W8UV, Philip
OE3GCU, Guenther
DL5GAC, Robert
DJ8NK, Christian
CT1DOF, Jorge
VE3NI, Daniel
DK2JW, Bernhard
OZ1LO, Leif
IN3YGW, Tony
SM6CMU, Ingemar
SP5EWY, Ryszard
W2GW, John
EU1KY, Yury
DL1RBW, Markus
PA3CWN, Oene
SP3QDM, Tomasz
DL1JCI, Klaus
YO7NE, Gigi
OE4VIE, Joerg
DJ9XB, Uli
OH6MD, Raimo


Kanton DXpedition 2019

Central Kiribati


> > > T31EU < < <

We (Guenter DL2AWG, Hans DL6JGN, Heye DJ9RR, Wolf DM2AUJ, Joe DK5WL and Ronald PA3EWP) are glad to inform you that our group will be on from Kanton Island (IOTA OC-043). The operate period is of February 16th to March 5th 2019.

The coordinates: 2o49' S, 171o41' W

Kanton Island (also known as Canton Island or Abariringa Island) is the largest of Kiribati's Phoenix Islands (South Pacific Ocean). It is also the group's northernmost and the only inhabited island. The capital of Kiribati, South Tarawa, lies 1,765 km to the west.

It is an atoll located in the South Pacific Ocean roughly halfway between Hawaii and Fiji. The island is a narrow ribbon of land around a lagoon; an area of 40 square kilometers. The island's sole village is called Tebaronga and the population is currently 27.

Kiribati declared the Phoenix Islands Protected Area in 2006, with the park being expanded in 2008. The 425,300 square-kilometer (164,200 sq-mi) marine reserve contains eight coral atolls including Kanton.


Guenter, DL2AWG     Guenter, DL2AWG    (team-leader)

Modes: SSB and Digital

Born 1952, licensed 1974 (as DM3ZCK). Other calls used: DM4XHJ, ZK1AWG, 3d2WG, A45WG, 5W0GW, YJ0AWG, S79WG, FM/DL2AWG, FG/DL2AWG, XX9D, V73D, XR0YD, KH8/DL2AWG, C21EU, ZK3N, 6W/DL2AWG H44WG, 4S7GWG, J79WG.

Hans, DL6JGN     Hans, DL6JGN     (co-leader)

Modes: CW and Digital

Born 1947, licensed 1968 (as DM5XBN). Other calls used: DM2FGN, Y26GN, TX9, 5H1GHW, 3D20CR, E51M, ZK3N, XR0ZR, KH8/DL6JGN, T30D, C21EU, V73D, TX7EU, VP6EU, 3D2EU.

Heye, DJ9RR     Heye, DJ9RR

Modes: CW and Digital

Born 1946, licensed 1964 (as DJ9RR). Other calls used: CU/DJ9RR, CN/DJ9RR, F/DJ9RR, TK/DJ9RR, SV9/DJ9RR, MD/DJ9RR, FK/DJ9RR, 9H3HH, S79RR, VK/DJ9RR, V5/DJ9RR, FR/DJ9RR, CT9/DJ9RR, 8R1/AG6UT, FH/DJ9RR, C3AAN, OZ/DJ9RR, 9Y4ZC, TX9, VK9DNX, VK9DWX, 3D2CR, ZL8X, 9LW, PJ4C, ZK2C, V84SMD, TX5K, 5WM, S21ZBC/S21ZBB, TO7CC, VK9MT, V55HQ, VK9DLX, 3GZC, V73D, CR3W, TU5MH, 3D2EU.

Wolf, DM2AUJ     Wolf, DM2AUJ

Modes: All mode, preferred CW

Born 1950, licensed 1972 (as DM2AUJ). Other calls used: many IOTA-activities in Europe, V73D, XX9D, GD/DM2AUJ, XR0YD.

Joe, DK5WL     Joe, DK5WL

Modes: All mode

Born 1956, licensed 1972 (as DK5WL). Other calls used: VP9/DK5WL, FH/DK5WL, XX9TTT, VU4AN/VU3RYC, VU7RG, 9N7AN/9N7WL, V73D, DK0ZZ, LX7A, TA4ZM, XX9X, CN8WW, HB0DX, P40WL.

Ronald, PA3EWP     Ronald; PA3EWP

Modes: All mode, preferred CW

Born 1961, licensed 1982 (as PD0NAL). Other calls used: HB0/PA3ERC, VP5/PA3EWP, VP5C, FG/PA3EWP, TO5C, J77C, J79WP, FM/PA3EWP, J6/PA3EWP, 9Y4/PA3EWP, 6Y5/PA3EWP, ZF2WP/ZF9, PJ7/PA3EWP, FS/PA3EWP, V47WP, VP2EWP, 8Q7WP, V26WP, 8P9JU, J3/PA3EWP, J38PA, J8/PA3EWP, J8PA, TI9M, TI9/PA3EWP, GM/PA3EWP, J75WP, J75PA, VP2MWP, VP2MPA, OY7WP, OY8PA, 3D2WP, T30RR, T33C, T33WP, ZB2/PA3EWP, PZ5C, PZ5WP, TY5WP, VU3SXR, VU7RG, V8FWP, 5Z4/PA3EWP, DL/PA3EWP, OE/PA3EWP, 3D20CR, MD/PA3EWP, 6W/PA3EWP, MJ/PA3EWP, F/PA3EWP, KH6BB, TN2T, T32C, E51M, E51EWP, ON/PA3EWP, 9Q50ON, LX/PA3EWP, 9U4U, XR0ZR, KH8/PA3EWP, C21EU, S79C, TX7EU, VP6EU, 3D2EU.

We have permission from the PIPA (Phoenix Island Protected Area) and the license is confirmed by CCK (Communications Commission of Kiribati).

On site we receive a lot of support from Chuck Corbett, T30NAK and T32NCC:

Our Radio location is on the north coast of the atoll near the airport. We use gensets for 24h electrical power.
Activity will be on 160-10 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. We will use three stations (2x K3, 1x K2, 1x Expert 1,3k-FA and 1x Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.1KFX, 1x HAL 1200), VDA and vertical antennas.

Subject to a reliable Internet connection, we will upload the log to Clublog on a daily basis. Otherwise the complete log will be uploaded upon our return.
QSL via DL2AWG (OQRS, direct, bureau, LotW).


(If the button does not work in your country, please make manual paypal transfer to kanton2019@t-online.de.)

Everyone who donates 10 EURO or more in advance of the DXpedition will automatically receive a direct QSL.