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OH2FT, Joni
PA3BWD, Kees
DL5XAT, Holger
DF4NW, Willi
OE6MDF, Markus
PA2LO, Gerrit
OZ1CTK, Boye
W8UV, Philip
OE3GCU, Guenther
DL5GAC, Robert
DJ8NK, Christian
CT1DOF, Jorge
VE3NI, Daniel
DK2JW, Bernhard
OZ1LO, Leif
IN3YGW, Tony
SM6CMU, Ingemar
SP5EWY, Ryszard
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PA3CWN, Oene
SP3QDM, Tomasz
DL1JCI, Klaus
YO7NE, Gigi
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DJ9XB, Uli
OH6JD, Raimo
KE4KY, Glenn
DL1SVI, Stephan
HB9KNY, Christian
OK7GU, Milan
IK2RLS, Saverio
DK3WE, Pit
F4WBN, Christian
DG5LAC, Michael
PC2A/PI4CC, Peter
G0JHC, Neil
DK1FW, Wolfgang
DO4DXA, Marc
VE5MX, Todd
DK3PZ, Hans
DL1LQA, Juergen
G3VPW, John
IK2JYT, Giovanni
SP6M, Marian
EA5AWC, Jose
F4GYM, Fabien
DK3PZ, Hans
LA8CJ, Arnfinn
IT9ESW, Giuseppe
S53R, Robert
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DL4FCS, Wolf
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HB9BOI, Michel
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W9DYQ, Bob
NL8F, Tim
OE1WEU, Wolfgang
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DK3CG, Rudolf
OV Saale-Holzland X46
DF5AU, Johannes
PD9DX, Dervin
W9EWZ, Robert
W3YQ, Timothy
OK2DA, Zdenek
OE5RLM, Rudolf
DL1AVU, Joachim
DL6ZFG, Rolf
DK9PT, Siegfried
SP5DIR, Andrzej
CT1EEB, Jose
S58N, Milosav
DK2AMM, Ernoe
HK1MW, Bolmar
LA2IR, Einar
DL9OBY, Manfred
SP9PT, Wojciech
DF2GH, Hans
KF7ZN, Ron
G4XEE, Derek
I4AVG, Gianfranco
HA1DAE, Tibor
DK5WN, Thomas
VE3CRG, Brian
WL7BTT, Jill
IS0SZU, Franco


Kanton DXpedition 2019

Central Kiribati


> > > T31EU < < <

> > > NEWS - March 26, 2019 < < <

Here is the preview of our QSL.


> > > NEWS - March 18, 2019 < < <

The DXpedition is now over and we went QRT at 17:37 UTC on 5th March 2019 with 39.161 QSOs in the log. It was an unforgettable adventure to a forgotten island of the earth.

Band CW SSB DIGI Total
160m 1.400 0 459 1.859
80m 2.962 57 1.592 4.611
40m 3.701 2.306 2.805 8.812
30m 3.678 0 3.543 7.221
20m 2.621 1.844 3.251 7.716
17m 1.439 655 2.809 4.473
15m 958 483 2.147 3.588
12m 217 81 580 878
10m 0 0 3 3
Totals 16.976 5.426 16.759 39.161

We are now back in Germany or the Netherlands. We all thank you for making a QSO with us, and sharing the adventure Kanton 2019. It was a long exhausting journey to the South Pacific with a great logistical effort and many imponderables, but finally we made it. We enjoyed warm hospitality of the very friendly residents of the island and are richer by another adventure.


from left: Guenter DL2AWG, Joe DK5WL, Hans DL6JGN and Norbert DF6FK
in front: left Ron PA3EWP and Heye DJ9RR


Radio shack and antennas


Heye DJ9RR on 30m CW


Joe DK5WL explains Amateur Radio to the schoolchildren

The finale logs were uploaded to Clublog and the OQRS System in Clublog is running for direct and bureau QSLs.


We give our heartfelt thanks to the village community, the catholic mission and the PIPA (Phoenix Island Protected Area) for the warm hospitality. A special thanks go to our Radio friend Chuck Corbett for his great logistical help. He arranged everything on Tarawa as a prerequisite for our success.

We are very gratefull to all our sponsors who made this DXpedition possible. Note: All individual sponsors in advance of the DXpedition will automatically receive a QSL by mail. (OQRS is not necessary!)

> > > NEWS - February 5, 2019 < < <

Last week there was an operator chance for our DXpedition. Unfortunately, Wolfgang DM2AUJ had to cancel his trip to Kanton due medical reasons.
We have found another operator who will joins us, it is Norbert DF6FK. Norbert is an SSB operator and has been regularly active from the Pacific in the recent years.

There is a slight change to our frequency plan. Some frequencies have been adjusted to avoid overlap with XX9D DXpedition.

> > > NEWS - January 24, 2019 < < <

Please read our frequency plan:

Band 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10
CW 1.828 3.519 7.010 10.109 14.019 18.069 21.019 24.891 28.019
SSB 3.795 7.125 14.185 18.140 21.295 24.945 28.485
RTTY 3.595 7.049 10.140 14.080 18.103 21.080 24.910 28.080
FT8 1.840 3.567 7.056 10.131 14.080 18.103 21.080 24.910 28.080

We will listen for US Generals on 14.280 and UP.
We will listen for JA stations on 160m DOWN 5-6 kHz.
The FT8 frequency for JA stations on 160m is 1.908 kHz.

> > > NEWS - January 15, 2019 < < <

The T31EU team received last week a very generous donation from the German DX Foundation - GDXF. This makes the GDXF to our main Sponsor.
The president Franz DJ9ZB informed us, that this is one of the highest donation the GDXF ever made.
Thank you very much GDXF for the high recognition of our Kanton DXpedition.

> > > NEWS - January 9, 2019 < < <

Our preparations are on schedule. The team is very grateful for the great sponsoring from the ham community.
The antenna material is stored in Tarawa at Chuck Corbett. The PIPA Kanton Coordinator, Burangke Tabeibeti, confirmed that our two generators were in excellent conditions and we have two drums (400 liters) fuel available on the island.
All our equipment is successfully checked and the suitcases are packed. We have again a total of 250 kg Radio equipment!
In four weeks our team flies from Frankfurt over Brisbane to Tarawa. After a short stay in Tarawa we will fly on Feb. 16th with a small charter plane (Beechcraft King Air 200) to Kanton. There we are guests of the village community.
The team members are in a good spirit and looking optimistically forward to a successful DXpedition.

We (Guenter DL2AWG, Hans DL6JGN, Heye DJ9RR, Norbert DF6FK, Joe DK5WL and Ronald PA3EWP) are glad to inform you that our group will be on from Kanton Island (IOTA OC-043). The operate period is of February 16th to March 5th 2019.

The coordinates: 2o49' S, 171o41' W

Kanton Island (also known as Canton Island or Abariringa Island) is the largest of Kiribati's Phoenix Islands (South Pacific Ocean). It is also the group's northernmost and the only inhabited island. The capital of Kiribati, South Tarawa, lies 1,765 km to the west.

It is an atoll located in the South Pacific Ocean roughly halfway between Hawaii and Fiji. The island is a narrow ribbon of land around a lagoon; an area of 40 square kilometers. The island's sole village is called Tebaronga and the population is currently 27.

Kiribati declared the Phoenix Islands Protected Area in 2006, with the park being expanded in 2008. The 425,300 square-kilometer (164,200 sq-mi) marine reserve contains eight coral atolls including Kanton.


Guenter, DL2AWG     Guenter, DL2AWG    (team-leader)

Modes: SSB and Digital

Born 1952, licensed 1974 (as DM3ZCK). Other calls used: DM4XHJ, ZK1AWG, 3d2WG, A45WG, 5W0GW, YJ0AWG, S79WG, FM/DL2AWG, FG/DL2AWG, XX9D, V73D, XR0YD, KH8/DL2AWG, C21EU, ZK3N, 6W/DL2AWG H44WG, 4S7GWG, J79WG.

Hans, DL6JGN     Hans, DL6JGN     (co-leader)

Modes: CW and Digital

Born 1947, licensed 1968 (as DM5XBN). Other calls used: DM2FGN, Y26GN, TX9, 5H1GHW, 3D20CR, E51M, ZK3N, XR0ZR, KH8/DL6JGN, T30D, C21EU, V73D, TX7EU, VP6EU, 3D2EU.

Heye, DJ9RR     Heye, DJ9RR

Modes: CW and Digital

Born 1946, licensed 1964 (as DJ9RR). Other calls used: CU/DJ9RR, CN/DJ9RR, F/DJ9RR, TK/DJ9RR, SV9/DJ9RR, MD/DJ9RR, FK/DJ9RR, 9H3HH, S79RR, VK/DJ9RR, V5/DJ9RR, FR/DJ9RR, CT9/DJ9RR, 8R1/AG6UT, FH/DJ9RR, C3AAN, OZ/DJ9RR, 9Y4ZC, TX9, VK9DNX, VK9DWX, 3D2CR, ZL8X, 9LW, PJ4C, ZK2C, V84SMD, TX5K, 5WM, S21ZBC/S21ZBB, TO7CC, VK9MT, V55HQ, VK9DLX, 3GZC, V73D, CR3W, TU5MH, 3D2EU.

Norbert, DF6FK     Norbert, DF6FK

Modes: SSB and Digital

Born 1947, licensed 1976 (as DF6FK). Other calls used: T32BB, T31BB, T30BB, KH5/DF6FK, V63NW.

Joe, DK5WL     Joe, DK5WL

Modes: All mode

Born 1956, licensed 1972 (as DK5WL). Other calls used: VP9/DK5WL, FH/DK5WL, XX9TTT, VU4AN/VU3RYC, VU7RG, 9N7AN/9N7WL, V73D, DK0ZZ, LX7A, TA4ZM, XX9X, CN8WW, HB0DX, P40WL.

Ronald, PA3EWP     Ronald; PA3EWP

Modes: All mode, preferred CW

Born 1961, licensed 1982 (as PD0NAL). Other calls used: HB0/PA3ERC, VP5/PA3EWP, VP5C, FG/PA3EWP, TO5C, J77C, J79WP, FM/PA3EWP, J6/PA3EWP, 9Y4/PA3EWP, 6Y5/PA3EWP, ZF2WP/ZF9, PJ7/PA3EWP, FS/PA3EWP, V47WP, VP2EWP, 8Q7WP, V26WP, 8P9JU, J3/PA3EWP, J38PA, J8/PA3EWP, J8PA, TI9M, TI9/PA3EWP, GM/PA3EWP, J75WP, J75PA, VP2MWP, VP2MPA, OY7WP, OY8PA, 3D2WP, T30RR, T33C, T33WP, ZB2/PA3EWP, PZ5C, PZ5WP, TY5WP, VU3SXR, VU7RG, V8FWP, 5Z4/PA3EWP, DL/PA3EWP, OE/PA3EWP, 3D20CR, MD/PA3EWP, 6W/PA3EWP, MJ/PA3EWP, F/PA3EWP, KH6BB, TN2T, T32C, E51M, E51EWP, ON/PA3EWP, 9Q50ON, LX/PA3EWP, 9U4U, XR0ZR, KH8/PA3EWP, C21EU, S79C, TX7EU, VP6EU, 3D2EU.

We have permission from the PIPA (Phoenix Island Protected Area) and the Amateur Radio license of the CCK (Communications Commission of Kiribati) is in our hands.

On site we receive a lot of support from Chuck Corbett, T30NAK and T32NCC:

Our Radio location is on the north coast of the atoll near the airport. We use gensets for 24h electrical power.
Activity will be on 160-10 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. We will use three stations (2x K3, 1x K2, 1x Expert 1,3k-FA and 1x Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.1KFX, 1x HAL 1200), VDA and vertical antennas.

Subject to a reliable Internet connection, we will upload the log to Clublog on a daily basis. Otherwise the complete log will be uploaded upon our return.
QSL via DL2AWG (OQRS, direct, bureau, LotW).